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Modeling and Control of Advanced Turbocharged Engines

The planned work in this area encapsulates turbo control for both gasoline and diesel engines exploring various supercharger and subsystem arrangements, some possible examples are dual-stage turbocharging, both serial and parallel arrangements, turbo and compressor, mechanical compressor with a clutch, long-route EGR, VNT for gasoline engines, direct injected gasoline engines with scavenging, coordinated control of turbo by-pass and throttle. An upcoming area that is very promising is dual turbocharging where it is interesting to study the control of both serial and parallel configurations. There are many open issues in this field, for example how to optimally design the hardware and how to tune the system towards optimal performance.

In a first step a common platform for rapid controller prototyping will be implemented, enabling efficient technology transfer between the partners. In parallel to the laboratory buildup a theoretical study will be performed, seeking fundamental knowledge abut the instabilities that can occur in dual stage parallel turbocharged engines. This analysis will use the knowledge and models that have been developed by the LiTH group as foundation and then refine these such that they are suitable for the investigation of instability issues in this turbocharging setup. Important outcomes are answers to questions like, what sensors and what actuator configurations are necessary for controlling these complex systems?

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