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Aerial Vehicles and Marine Vessels

Contact persons: Martin Enqvist, Fredrik Gustafsson

Aerial vehicles and marine vessels are both challenging applications that can exhibit complex and varying system behaviors. Within LINK-SIC, research concerning these applications is conducted in several joint subprojects between Saab AB and Linköping University and ABB Corporate Research and Linköping University, respectively.

Autonomous Navigation and Surveillance

This subproject concerns navigation, mapping, target tracking and surveillance based on fusion of data from several sensors, e.g., accelerometers, gyros, radar sensors, and various types of image sensors.

System Identification of Aerial Vehicles

The design of a control system for an aerial vehicle is typically done using mathematical models. This subproject concerns how to estimate such models from flight test data collected from a nonlinear system in closed loop conditions.

Estimation Methods for Marine Automation

There is a recent trend to make marine vessels more and more automated and this has lead to a need for more detailed mathematical models. The main objective of this subproject is to find reliable methods for the estimation of such models.

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