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Integrated Powertrain Control

The overall problem today can be formulated as integrated powertrain control, including engine, driveline and aftertreatment systems. This is an area of great importance and the industry is clear on that there is a need for more research that can enhance this area. The area naturally couples to previous research within LINK-SIC where, for example, an unfavorable clutch control and gear shift might lead to turbo surge, or a deficiency in temperature control can lead to reduced emission reduction in the aftertreatment system.

A buildup of knowledge is achieved through modeling of the powertrain, its actuators, its sensors, and its surrounding systems. Scania test facilities and trucks are used in experiments to support the modeling process. The knowledge gained is used to identify the potential for product improvement and systematically develop more advanced integrated powertrain control strategies. Models developed in the project are delivered to Scania and the developed controllers will be implemented, tested and validated directly in Scania test facilities.

The research project brings forth a gain in product performance through improvement of the control software, which is cost effective. The developed controllers are planned to enter the normal product development process at Scania, becoming integrated in the trucks.

Our strengths compared to our international competitors are the deep understanding for state-of-the-art modeling methods and solid background in applied automotive modeling and control. Furthermore, the test cells, test vehicles and test track at Scania are instrumental to the project.

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